Strain gauges to measure strain or stress

We offer application, setup, measureing and analysis of strain tests.

Strain gauges are an important standard procedure for experimental fatigue- and vibration-analysis. Strain gauges measure strain and the resulting stress-tensor can be determined.

We offer all kinds of strain-gauge-type measurements which we can perfectly combine with other sensors like acceleromters. See out competences in general vibration analysis here.

Examples of use

  • Torque-measurements (also dynamical) on shafts
  • Bending-load of pipes and pipe-systems
  • Burst-tests and overspeed-tests of rotors
  • Modal-Analysis with strain-gauges and accelerometers
  • Strain gauges in rotating systems with telemetry
  • Root-cause-analysis of fatigue failure
  • Hochtemperatur-Messungen (z.B. Abgassystem) und hochfrequent (>1 kHz) möglich

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