Excessive pipe vibration leads to critical loads. Here, vibration analysis can ensure the identification and elimination of critical excitation mechanisms.

By measuring the vibration acceleration, -speed or -displacement it can be verified whether the vibration level of piping and – if applicable, of connected pumps and aggregates – lies within acceptable limits.  But even if too high pipe vibration has been found, performing multi-channel vibration analysis is recommendable, since knowledge of the excitation mechanisms is needed in order to be able to effectively reduce the vibration.

Here, unlike the simple, hand-held vibrometer measurements, multi-channel measurements enables modal as well as frequency selective analysis.

ASME OM 2017: Nuclear Power Pipes Vibration
We have extensive experince in measureing and assessing pipe vibration in nuclear power plants. Here, we work with ASME OM 2017  standards or German “KTA” (“German Nuclear Society”) directives.

Qualification, Equipment and Services
Our engineers are “Certified Vibration Analysts – Cat 3” according to  ISO 18436-2, with two decades of experince.

We can provide high-channel-count measuring devices, accelerometers and displacment sensors, as well as strain gauges. We offer full-service assessment of piping systems.

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