Modal analysis provides you with one of the most effective methods of performing vibration diagnosis.

For your company, we carry out modal analysis of your test item and vibrating structure.

Upon request, we can visualize all natural modes as animated graphic models; thus, the vibration form can be visually recognized, and often the cause for the problems becomes already apparent.

As a result, you will be provided with all relevant vibration parameters of the examined structure, including:

  • acceleration, mobility, admittance (or impedance);
  • damping (e.g., as damping factor);
  • natural frequency and natural mode.

In addition to modal analysis, we can also perform a related procedure: Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis.

The combined use of both methods allows the most noise and vibration issues to be analyzed and dealt with precisely

Modalanlyse an Triebwerk mit Implushammer
Impulshammer-Anschlags-Versuch am weltgrößten Flugzeug-Triebwerk (GE90)

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