Defect bearings are one of the foremost reasons for outages of machinery. Supervision of roller bearings can predict oncoming disruptions opening up for preventive maintenance and loss avoidance. All bearings are exposed to high mechanical stresses. Thus, broken bearings are one of the most common reasons for machine shutdowns. Condition monitoring of bearings can predict upcoming failures. Hence, further damage can be prevented by on-time maintenance.

We offer:

  • Customized solutions: Regular bearing diagnostic services and supervision through alarm systems
  • Development of measuring and analysis systems for continuous supervision; applicable on-site or to the remote maintenance
  • Preparation of status reports and expert opinions
  • Root cause analysis in case of repeatedly fast-wearing bearings


  • Cost reduction: Bearings diagnostics enable the prevention of unexpected and expensive machinery failures. Furthermore, they offer a possibility to reduce premature replacements of bearings
  • Reliability: Undetected bearing defects may cause significant damage. Bearing monitoring, eventually in combination with vibration control, is a way to minimize or obviate risk

Bearing diagnosis provides localisation of failure-points: Right hand site the diagramm shows a spectrum of a breaking bearing. The characteristic damage-frequnecies are given by the coloured markers: One can see a defect of the rolling elements (red).

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