By ‘in-situ-balancing’ we can balance many of the rotors while they are in a built-in state. Within few hours and with a minimum of effort, you will have a balanced, smooth running machine.

Advantages and Technology:

During in-situ-balancing, the rotor remains installed in the machine. Therefore, the balancing procedure runs under the same operating conditions like the machine itself. Its new efficiency becomes directly visible. The only installation work that needs to be done is placing the balancing weights onto the machine. The balancing procedure has been known for more than fifty years. We prove it successful every day. Please check our company’s brochure for some of our success stories – and to see what we can do for you.

Typical machines:

In-situ-balancing can be carried out for almost all rotors and machines that one can reach in order to place the balancing weights onto. Until now, we have successfully used our high expertise for following machines:

  • mulchers, milling machines, and corn choppers;
  • fans and blowers;
  • hammer mills and extruders;
  • propellers;
  • fast-running turbo machines (up to 120,000 rpm);
  • combines: shredder shafts, threshing drums, accelerator drums.

Our quality assurance, your success!

Our balancing procedure takes place according to an ISO 9001 compliant process, which includes a balancing protocol that documents the improvements as an instant read-off. Often, we were able to reduce noise and vibration by more than a factor of four.

Furthermore, we comply with all valid balancing standards. We can balance both in one and two planes.

Since the balancing usually does not take more than a few hours, your company can benefit from our high-quality services at attractive prices. Because balanced machines not only run more smoothly, but also produce less noise and almost always help significantly prolonging the bearings’ life cycle, your money will be well invested.
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