In the LabVIEW-based test bench construction, our long-standing experience qualifies us as a highly-skilled and reliable supplier.

We develop, program, and build your test bench

  • in highly flexible and customer-oriented manner
  • in-time
  • in high-quality
  • at reasonable prices.

Please check some of our reference projects for more information:

The requirements for quality assurance (QA) and QA inspections are for all manufacturing companies steadily increasing. At the same time, rapid development cycles call for new test bench systems soon.

Test benches, programmed with LabView together with accurate measurement technology, are often the best solution in order to bring together quality, flexibility and short development cycles – and this even at reasonable cost.

conplatec GmbH has been developing LabView-based test benches and measurement systems since 2004. During many projects, in close cooperation with our customers, we have manufactured customized test benches that often significantly improved the work flow of production.

Furthermore, we have repeatedly demonstrated our high standards of quality, for example when being responsible for the development of safety-critical systems in large power plants.

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