Solving complex noise and vibration issues for your company!

For our customers, we at conplatec GmbH provide a complete range of vibration services. We offer modal analysis, vibration analysis, noise absorbers, structure-borne noise, balancing and condition monitoring.

Long-standing experience in all industrial noise and vibration engineering areas

Over the years we have built extensive know-how in all significant fields of vibration analysis. In addition to diagnostics performed to identify the causes leading to noise and vibration issues, troubleshooting means for us working out viable solutions and counter-measures and present them in a clear and comprehensible manner to our customers

Examples of vibration services

Feel welcome to take a closer look at some examples of vibration services and procedures we provide:

Modalanlyse an Triebwerk mit Implushammer

Analytical methods and extensive measurement technology

For the interpretation of vibration measurements, e.g., for modal analysis, order tracking, or tonality analysis, we use high-performance software tools.

Furthermore, for all significant measurement tasks we rely on comprehensive measurement technology. This includes high-quality data acquisition devices, a number of more than 100 vibration sensors, impact hammers, strain gauges, telemetric systems, etc.

High-flexibility in providing special measurements and customized solutions

Every day, we meet all our customers’ needs in the area of vibration measurement. Based on agile processes, our work is highly solution-oriented. Our services go far beyond those delivered by simple hand-held meters. Instead, we will provide our customers with a tailor-made solution even under most challenging measuring conditions, e.g., when performing multichannel measurements (over 100 channels), synchronous multi-location-measurements, when using sensors in rotating systems, or performing long-term data acquisition.

We are certified according to the International Quality Standard ISO 9001-2015. Moreover, we comply with the German standard for nuclear technology “KTA 1401”. Our engineers are „Certified Vibration Analysts“ according to ISO 18436-2 (Cat III).

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