We know that pumps are one of the most mission-critical applications. Therefore, we have developed a broad range of services to help your company operate pumps as safely and economically as possible.

What we offer:

  • Structure-borne noise-based cavitation detection
  • Rolling bearing diagnostics
  • Long-term and trend monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring: determining causes and finding solutions at high vibration levels
  • Mobile operation services: In case of sudden problems or as part of recurrent preventive measures
  • Field measurements on multi-phase spiral pumps in the oil industry
  • Troubleshooting in case of noise and vibration issues caused by the interaction between pumps and pipelines
  • Measurements and expert reports according to DIN ISO 10816/20816 and DIN ISO 7919
  • Pressure and flow measurement (e.g., characteristic measurements) with own sensors (ultrasound flow measurement).

We have experience with:

  • Power plants: with large pumps (5+ MW), also nuclear cooling water pumps, and similar pumps
  • Standard pumps in process-industrie
  • Oil production: multi-phase spiral pumps (Bornemann). Here, we have also successfully carried out field measurements for pumps in the oil fields.
  • Chemical pumps with magnetic couplings (ITT-Richter) in the lower and medium output range

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