Vibrations and sound play a key role for wind turbines. Sound level, tonality/sharpness, vibration absorbers, vibration velocity, IEC 61400-11 and troubleshooting are here keywords.

We at conplatec GmbH provide you with a wide range of sound and vibration services for wind turbines, which go far beyond the services usually provided by measuring institutes.

Measurement services
We can conduct sound measurements according to IEC 61400-11 (Edition 3).
But actually, we are able to do so much more when troubleshooting for you. For instance:

  • Conduct combined sound and vibration measurements in the nacelle and hub of the wind turbine an on the ground simultaneously; always using calibrated measuring instruments;
  • Carry out modal analysis and natural frequency measurements (impact-hammer measurements) for the large components;
  • Perform multi-channel measurements up to 100 channels by using vibration sensors; also long-term;
  • Check upon and record more vibration parameters, such as torque value and shaft elongation (‘strain gauges’);
  • Trimming and tuning of vibration absorbers;
  • Telemetry measurements on rotating drive train with strain gauges oder acceleration sensors (torque, torsion, transmission error and more).

Signal processing and data analysis
In the area of signal processing and data analysis, we have specialized in:

  • Determination of modal parameters (natural frequency, mobility, damping, etc.)
  • Dynamic order tracking of certain characteristic frequencies, even if the rotation speed of the system should fluctuate. Order tracking of specific, ‘non-integer value’ transmission frequencies is possible as well;
  • Tonal calculation according to IEC, sound level, or sound power characteristics.

Reports and Consulting
Finally, we deliver to you informative, comprehensible reports and make recommendations on counter-measures.

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